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VakilSearch Legal Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ruby on Rails, ERP, E-Commerce

Vakilsearch disrupted the market by making it a breeze to avail accounting, legal and governmental compliance services online in India. They are the largest player in Indian sub-continent and expanded their operations to Singapore as well.

As a CTO, Gorav was involved in discovery phase, requirement gathering and planning phase. Along with a lean team of developers, a comprehensive ERP solution was delivered in seven months including migrating data from existing disparate systems. Following were the key benefits of the new system:

  • The App played as catalyst in securing funding from investors.
  • Accelerated business growth as customers were able to use online fees calcliator, book services instantly and make online payment, which used to be long manual process earlier.
  • Performance tracking of marketing and operation teams as per metrics.
  • Rich user experience with real time status updates available in customer portal.
  • Automated alerts and notifications resliting in cost saving as follow-up team was scaled down by 60%.
  • Data consistency was achieved, which was a major challenge huge sets of customer data and documents were being managed over disparate systems.
  • Data safety and privacy as everything was moved to server-side rather than being stored in local systems and individual email boxes.
  • Brought transparency in operations, which was responsible for drop in attrition rate.
  • Over 45% reduction in infrastructure costs and auto-scalability of servers based on load was put in place.
  • Integration of error-tracking service, code metrics and automated system alerts ensured bug-free high-availability of services.
  • Overall the system gave us the edge to keep ahead of competition. Government of Karnataka chose us as preferred service partners for their MOne intiative (governance services over mobile), which was launched by President of India in 2014.


“Gorav and I worked together while planning a major system overall. His level of critical thinking and creativity for problem solving was key to our success. Gorav's technical depth of different platforms and languages allowed us to think outside the box. We were able to take a very complex system and streamline it while still achieving our business objectives. He was always a pleasure to work along side and always brought his best to the team.”


Jon Slinker Modus Group, LLC CTO

“Gorav has been a great asset to the team. His exceptional technical leadership has changed the face of our Application – from disparate tech systems to a unified ERP solution. He is a hands-on person with good depth in RoR. He has hand-held resources and helped them develop the App, while he himself takes on responsibility for complex code. He has good business acumen, understands the needs of the business. Overall, his presence in the team has done wonders!!”


Sahil Gore VakilSearch Legal Solutions Pvt. Ltd VP - Technology

“Intelligent, quick learner and a leader. These are the adjectives that come to my mind when I think about Vasumathi. While I worked with her, it was easy to decide that she would be the Lead of her team. I hardly faced any challenges communicating requirements / changes to her and her team. She planned and managed the team/tasks so well that there rarely any escalation of risks/issues from her team. She managed her team like a pro and this skill came naturally to her. She will do well in any career that she picks up. Wish her all the best.”


Jitesh Kumar Lal Cognizant Technology Solutions Process & Quality Consultant

“I have worked with Vasumathi on few projects where she exhibited a very good understanding of problem at hand and worked smart to arrive at an amicable solution that can be worked upon with the resources in hand. I recommend Vasumathi if you are looking for someone to trust getting your job done!.”


Karthik Sankaran C1X Inc Project Manager

“It was a privilege working with Gorav. He is methodical, organized and very creative. His ability to connect people, Problem solving skills are amazing. I will recommend Gorav for any company and for any high-level role”


Imayaselvan R F22 Labs Senior Product Developer

“Gorav is an energetic and informative person. We had a great time working on an ERP project. He is good in business analysis and defining requirements. The more you speak with Gorav, the more he shares his knowledge!.”


Whitman Kumaresh Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Software Engineer

“Vasumathi and I worked together in implementation of reporting system in our production environment. She has been a valued partner both technically and personally. She has a great vision and network that I continue to appreciate leveraging in various capacities. She is a great asset to any team and valuable contributor”


KS Saravanan HTC Global Services MIS Manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Vasumathi for more than two years at HTC, collaborating with several project teams. Vasumathi’s knowledge of System process and delivery models coupled with her dedication to HTC business goals make her more than an excellent. She is also on the cutting edge of Service Delivery and Incident Management, which makes her all the more valuable. She is Ambitious employee with boundless energy and strong organizational skills. I would recommend her to anybody.”


Hima Muttavarapu State Street Business Specialist

“Vasumathi has good analytical skills. She is a detailed and fast learner. She carries with her numerous years of experience that makes her the best technical solutionist. She is a very good team player, gets along with everyone effortlessly. She has very good leadership qualities, she is a born leader. Her planning, execution and follow up steps are commendable.”


Anitha Abbireddy Aon Hewitt Manager IT Delivery

“I worked with Vasumathi on a number of projects during my time at Cengage Learning. Her calm, professional and expert approach was exemplary at all times. We worked on a variety of different projects that had a range of challenges and it was always reassuring to know that Vasumathi was our project lead at HTC . I would highly recommend her.”


Jennie Heals BMJ Group Head of Commercial & Customer Operations

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vasumathi since 2011. Above all, I was impressed with Vasumathi’s ability to lead a team which provided excellent output, her patience and understanding with various changes and pro-active nature. Vasumathi would be a true asset to any company and comes with my heartfelt recommendation, we were very sorry to see her move on.”


Louise Down Cengage Learning Senior Project Manager


Each member of our team is here not only because they're ridiculously talented, but because they love what they do.


Gorav Bhootra

Chief Solutionizer

The team is spearheaded by Gorav Bhootra, an accomplished hands-on Solution Architect, who has worked on large scale distributed apps as well as been instrumental in releasing MVP for startups. Skill in action and a technologist at heart is how he can be described. Progressive IT experience spanning over 10 years and non-IT business experience spanning over 5 years helps him bridge the gap between business and technical teams. Having worked in various capacities like CEO, CTO and Solution Architect, he has the right mix and experience required to manage demanding and complex projects.



Head Solutionizer

Vasumathi carries over 25 years of IT experience.  A lady who is having a dauntless courage which leads her on to success. She is having a managerial quality of utilizing the ubiquitous force of each individual. She comes with a very rich experience as PMO, where she stood out to deliver the required structure and expertise to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of projects. Her out-of-the-box thinking and visionary attitude enables the team to gain a competitive edge in the execution of even the most complex tasks. All the projects will be handled in well-structured manner irrespective of the $ value. BOSCARD tool, MoSCoW method, RAID log, PBS, WBS, MIS report, etc., were used to handle the projects. A core advocate of the agile and scrum methodology. She always keeps in mind that the optimization is paramount in any activity.

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